Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions of business for all stallholders who attend any market/special event operated by the Onur Food Market LLC – henceforth referred to as ‘Manager’
All stallholders must submit an Application and be approved, and authorised by the Manager prior to Trading at any Market operated by the Manager. Written authorisation will be given from the Manager for a specific Market and may include specific conditions or restrictions regarding the Stallholders attendance. Upon Submitting an application and the payment of any fee, or commencement of trading with the Manager, Stallholders and any employees of the stallholder agree to the below Terms & Conditions and also any additional Stallholder information (included on the Website) specific to each particular Market. Stallholders also agree that the Manager may withdraw, change or replace these Terms & Conditions at any time and the Manager will post a notice of change to the Terms & Conditions on the website.
Disclaimer. By attending any market/special event managed by Onur Food Market LLC, you agree that you are not in any contractual conflict with any other market or Organisation, nor are you prohibited from trading for any other reason. Onur Food Market LLC, its managers and employees can be in no way held liable for any losses or legal action taken against you if you are held in breach from any existing or previous contracts or agreements.
Application: means any electronic or written correspondence that has been submitted by a Stallholder when applying to the Manager for approval to trade at the Market.
Approved Products: means products/items and services that the Manager has approved the Stallholder to sell and offer for sale at the Market. Products/items and Services must be described in the Application otherwise approval may not be given. The Manager reserves the right to only approve a limited selection of the products/items and services as provided in the Application or revoke approval of products/items or services that are permitted to be sold at the Market at any time. Approval for additional products/items and services will need to be requested in writing by Stallholder prior to bringing products/items or Services to the market.
Designated Stallholder Parking: means an area where the Stallholder is obligated to park their Vehicle for the duration of the Market. This includes the vehicles of Staff, employees, contractors, agents, contractors and Family members who are working at the Stall.
Gazebo: means any covered structure that is erected within the boundaries of the Stall and can include but not limited to Marquee, Tent and Umbrella.
Manager: means Onur Food Market LLC (ABN 15 159 850 941), its employees, staff and contractors which has the permission to operate, control and regulate the Market including the authority to approve or withhold approval to any person/s or legal entity to attend, occupy or Trade at a Stall at the Market.
Market: means any Market operated by Onur Food Market LLC and/or specific Market nominated by a Stallholder in the Application.
Market Manager: means the person/s appointed by the Manager to manage the day-to-day trading of the Market.
Market Area: means a designated area for each Market that is decided by the Manager and defined by a perimeter that may include Stall Sites, Entertainment, Seating and Vehicles. This area may change depending on the location of the Market and the specific Market. Maps of the Market Area can be viewed on the Website.
Stall Site: means and area within the Market that is designated by the Manager to a Stallholder for the sole purpose of Trading. This area is usually 3mx3m. Any additional area will need to be approved by Manager.
Stall Holder: means a person/s, legal entity and their employees, agents, contractors, consultants and family members that have been granted approval and authorization by the Manager to use a Stall Site for the purpose of Trading at the Market.
Stall Fee: means the amount charged by the Manager and payable by the Stallholder 48 hours prior to attending a Market. The Stall Fees for each Market are on the Website.
Trading Hours: means the hours that a Market trades between.
Website: means the internet address www.onurfoodmarket.com that is controlled by the Manager.